The Filmmakers


    Christopher is a completely self-taught visual artist. Alternating between corporate assignments worldwide and long-term personal projects, of which POISON FLOWER is the latest, Christopher believes that constantly changing between environments keeps the observation of people from a sociological perspective fresh and interesting. 

    To truly capture subjects, Chris immerses himself in their worlds, often for months at a time. In 2010 he lived within a community of malaria sufferers in Ghana to create his portrait series 'Malaria' which has since been exhibited in galleries worldwide. In 2012 he spent a year based in Colombia to create the film CITIZEN RUBBISH. Chris recently discovered the immigrant camp in the woods featured in POISON FLOWER in his home town of Harlow by accident while playing football, and spent nearly a year documenting the lives of its residents.



    Starting her career making programmes for Channel 4’s Dispatches, including the BAFTA-award winning TERROR IN MUMBAI, Hannah has since since worked on a wide variety of broadcast productions including STEPHEN HAWKING’S UNIVERSE for Channel 4/Discovery, and SUPER SKYSCRAPERS for Channel 5.

    She developed and was assistant producer on Grierson-Award nominated series JESUS:RISE TO POWER (Nat Geo) and achieved a TV-exclusive on the discovery of the controversial GOSPEL OF JESUS’ WIFE (Smithsonian Channel).  She also has over 3 years’ experience in developing factual television programming for UK and International broadcasters and is Oxford Digital Media's in-house development producer.



    Matt is an award-winning documentary editor. In 2014 he edited BBC Two feature documentary 'Nat King Cole - Afraid of the Dark' which won the Screen Nation award for Diversity in Factual Production. His other credits include 'BB King - Life of Riley' for BBC Four, 'The Art of McCartney' for Sky Arts, and 'Jimi Hendrix - Guitar Hero' for BBC Four. 



    Oxford Digital Media is a television and digital media production company based in Oxford. It was established in 2005 and has expanded rapidly over the past couple of years. It has a strong track record in making films of all types for world-leading brands and educational and charitable institutions, as well as creating music scores for more than a hundred television programmes. It now has an active documentary development department, and POISON FLOWER is its first feature documentary production. 

    Mel and Gundiga